10:20 – 11:10 a.m.

Breakout Track 1

Launch Something New!

1A // Managing A Side Hustle, Too
The Mill & Mine
Jonathan Sexton, Knoxville Entrepreneur Center
Samantha Lane, Computer Systems Plus & Origami Day

Jonathan Sexton helps business owners launch start-ups at the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center while managing Special Projects for Made In Network, a YouTube network consisting of 40 curated channels garnering 70+ million views per month. Samantha Lane is a communication professional who splits her time working between Computer Systems Plus, CrossFit Ktown, and launching Origami Day, an organization designed to help others manage their time to live more. Hear from both about managing that side hustle and knowing when to make it your main gig.

1B // Beer Makes Me Happy
Southern Station // Upstairs
Alex Violette, Elkmont Exchange, Brewery & Eating House
Matt McMillan, Hexagon Brewing Company
Blaine Wedekind, Balter Beerworks

“Beer me.” Deciding where to meet for happy hour in Knoxville is a whole lot harder. Hear from the owners of Knoxville’s newest craft breweries about their collaborations and community investment, not to mention the delicious brews coming from their taps.

1C // KALA Me Krazy, But These Beans Are Delicious!
Southern Station // Downstairs
Amy Grover, Bush Brothers and Co.

Since 1908, BUSH’S Best has been breaking down barriers and bringing new and innovative products to the market. Now they are thinking outside the can with KALA beans. Hear from Amy Grover, new products manager at Bush Brothers and Co., (headquartered here in Knoxville!) on what it takes to launch its latest brand, KALA Bean Snacks, in an unknown territory. We might even trick her into a taste test!

1D // How Emotion Impacts Our Ability To Make A Decision
Southern Depot
Julie Ferrara, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Haslam College of Business

“The data will speak for itself,” but data can’t talk. The truth is data is meaningless unless there is someone there to analyze it. Even with today’s technology advances, a human still has to be involved in multiple steps of the analytical process. Listen in as Julie breaks it down and explains how emotion impacts our ability to draw unbiased conclusions. The answer has implications on all decisions we make, especially if we are considering trying something new.

11:30 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.

Breakout Track 2

Grow What You Got!

2A // Click. Quick! Creating Emotional Connections. Fast.
The Mill & Mine
Caleb Boaz, U30 Group

The deepest and most meaningful relationships we create are those based on emotional connections. Learning how to quickly click with complete strangers is critically important for the work U30 Group, a Knoxville-based consumer insights agency, does for clients like MillerCoors, Chili’s, Frito-Lay, Johnsonville, and Merck. Caleb Boaz, vice president of consumer insights at U30, will teach you how they do this in a fun, interactive and highly informative session. You’ll learn how to create deep emotional connections that will help you in all your business dealings, and, as an added bonus, in your personal life, too!

2B // The Power Of Being A Needle In A Haystack. Finding Your Personal Brand.
Southern Station // Upstairs
Maria Antoinette, Blogger & Entrepreneur

Standing out in the crowded field of social media personalities and entrepreneurs can seem daunting! But when you understand the value of harnessing your unique personal brand and expression, this great challenge looks more like a grand opportunity. Lifestyle expert, fashionista and social media influencer Maria Antoinette has done just this by understanding the power of her personal brand. In just a few years, she has found her needle in the haystack by becoming the proverbial needle in the haystack. Doesn’t make sense? Well pay close attention as she will provide guidance on the power of standing out in a crowded market.

2C // What Growth Looks Like
Southern Station // Downstairs
James Horey, Reviewbox
Michael Goldsborough, Resque
Erin Slocum, Knoxville Weekend
Jessica Bookstaff Doppelt, PigeonForge.com & Durango.com

Stuck at point B but ready to get to C? Coming from diverse backgrounds, this panel of digital specialists will be ready to share their learnings and help you navigate your professional growth challenges. They’ll discuss standing out in a jam-packed arena, learning to grow in unique ways, and the tools that helped them get there.

2D // Lessons For Business From A Life In Music And Television
Southern Depot
Dylan Jones, Scripps Networks Interactive

When Dylan was growing up, his family dreamed he’d have a job where he’d wear a suit and tie, and carry a briefcase. Instead, he’s spent the last twenty years working in communications in the rapidly changing worlds of music, television, and entertainment. Now Chief Communications Officer for Scripps Networks Interactive – the home of brands including HGTV and Food Network – Dylan shares how the global businesses of big beats and the small screen can provide answers to the real challenges young professionals face today.

2 – 2:50 p.m.

Breakout Track 3

Why Knoxville Is No. 1


3A // Underground Comedy Scene
The Mill & Mine
Einstein Simplified

“Make ‘Em Laugh.” There’s something to be said for supporting local performers providing entertainment in the community while having a few laughs. Though the phrase “art and culture scene” may bring to mind visual art and musical concerts, the comedy scene is an important element bringing business to local establishments and provides a fun weeknight activity. Not only will we hear from comedians of Einstein Simplified, we’ll hear sets from their stand-up routines, which will tickle your funny bone.

3B // Know Knoxville Back Then
Southern Station // Upstairs
Bob Booker, Knoxville Historian
Jack Neely, Knoxville History Project

If you’ve ever walked down Gay Street in downtown Knoxville and looked up at one of the buildings, chances are Jack Neely has written an insightful article or feature on its history, occupants, and unique role played in our city’s development. Enjoy a look back at various tales of Knoxville from historian and author Bob Booker and author/writer, Jack Neely, executive director of Knoxville History Project. Get a glimpse of Knoxville’s history and look forward to shape the vision of where we’re going and how we can contribute to the tapestry that continues to be woven.

3C // Leading Knoxville Into The Future
Southern Station // Downstairs
Tammy White, Leadership Knoxville; Jesse Mayshark, City of Knoxville

Civic engagement. It’s a frequently used term, but how do you get involved civically, and if you are, is it really a good fit? Well, listen up as civic leaders Tammy White and Jess Mayshark tell you how to get connected in our City and the right way to do so in this interactive session. They will walk you through our community’s assets and guide you as you explore what it takes to get connected and execute your ideas for our community.

3D // South Knox Spotlight
Southern Depot
Dawn Michelle Foster, City of Knoxville
Robbie Pope, Regal Entertainment Group

With the recent development boom on the south side of the river including restaurants, breweries, and residential quarters, South Knoxville has been expanding into a nice little habitat. With the addition of Suttree Landing, a new city park of more than eight acres that you may not be aware of, we expect outdoor concerts, food trucks, and more to come. Did we mention Regal Entertainment Group is moving its headquarters to the South Knox River front? Representatives from Regal Entertainment Group and the City of Knoxville will update us on what the boom has meant to their business and what Knoxvillians should expect for the coming year.

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